Saturday, April 6, 2024: Piano soloist with chamber ensembles; Event: Kindred Spirits Orchestra Season Concert (Chamber music at Cornell Recital Hall); Location: Cornell Recital Hall, Toronto, Repertoire: I. Stravinsky (Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments),  P. Hindemith (Konzertmusik for Piano, Brass, and Harps) Friday, November 24, 2023: Piano soloist with Royal Conservatory Orchestra (Joann FallettaContinue reading “Concerts”


September 10, 2022: Winner of a Davidson Fellows Scholarship. The awards ceremony at MIT, in Boston, was a phenomenal event, attended by fellows who had completed major projects in Science, Literature, Engineering, Mathematics, and Music. Inspiring! August 13, 2022: Grand prize and People’s Choice Award, Prix Orford Musique. The award includes concert and recording opportunities!Continue reading “Competitions”

Summer Academies

Orford Musique 2022 (Orford, Quebec) I attended in-person this year (July 30-August 6), and had some very enjoyable and inspiring lessons with Sara Davis Buechner. I also got to hike La Boucle des trois √©tangs, a beautiful trail in the Parc National du Mont-Orford adjacent to Orford Musique. Verbier Festival 2021 (Switzerland) I had aContinue reading “Summer Academies”